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benefits of cottonwhat makes cotton so incredible?
  • Soft

    Cotton is a soft fibre that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant. Cotton is presently the world's most used fibre.

  • stays in shape

    Cotton stretches with the wearer but then returns to its natural shape, so there is less chance of garments sagging or loosing their shape.

  • Versatile

    Cotton is a comfortable year-round fabric. In hot weather, the cotton breathes. In cold weather, the fibres retain body heat.

  • hypoallergenic

    Cotton rarely causes allergic reactions and skin rashes, so it is the perfect choice if you have sensitive skin.

  • Natural Fibres

    Cotton is a sustainable, renewable and natural fibre produced by the
    cotton plant.

  • durable

    Cotton is a strong fabric, known for being durable. It has high tensile strength, which means it stays in shape and resists stretching and pilling.

  • Cool & breathable

    Cotton is cool & breathable and allows better air circulation. It prevents moisture building up which keeps your body cool and reduces sweating.

  • Bio-degradable

    Cotton is completely biodegradable, which means that it breaks down naturally without causing damage to the environment.

  • Cotton & Cashmere

    The combination of Cotton and Cashmere makes the garments incredibly soft to wear. It’s the perfect blend to ensure affordable luxury, comfort and versatility

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  • silk & cotton

    Our ultra fine blend of Silk & Cotton is the ideal lightweight combination for the summer months, or as an extra soft base layer on cooler days.

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See what some of our customers have to say!

I was so surprised at the high quality and such a low price! I'm so glad they did a cropped sleeve version in their selection, will be perfect for the warmer evenings!Cotton & Cashmere Jumper- C96

I have a number of this is various colours, and they always draw compliments. Can be worn as work wear, smart casual and ideal for travelling. Lightweight but warm. Great jumper and perfect fit.Cotton & Cashmere V Neck- C23

I love the softness of the silk and cotton fabric . It is breathable, beautiful, and very well made. I will buy more!Silk & Cotton Camisole - C16

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Cropped Crew Cardigan
Silk & Cotton
2 for $84.00 (AUD)
Classic Long V Womens Cardigan
Silk & Cotton
$62.00  (AUD)
Long Sleeve Ladies V Neck Jumper
Silk & Cotton
2 for $84.00 (AUD)
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