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Sweater Care glossary

Sweater Care

As Sweater manufactures, Wool Overs cares about Sweaters, and have taken time out from our busy schedules to produce this Sweater care glossary. We hope it may go someway to protect our Sweaters from the neglect and abuse so many of them face, once they leave the protection of our factory. We suggest you print a copy of the Sweater Care Glossary and glue it to your washing machine. Remember: a Sweater can be for life … not just for Christmas!

Angora Sweaters

Angora rabbit hair sweaters are very delicate and should be washed by hand. This is far less damaging than any washing machine currently on the market. Once washed, the sweater should be left to dry on a flat surface.

Acrylic Sweaters

Acrylic is a thermoplastic fibre. Sweaters manufactured from acrylic are therefore affected by heat. Care should be taken when ironing and tumble drying, or the sweater's fibres may become stretched and damaged. Lie the garment flat to dry, or if recommended by the care label, tumble-dry at a cool temperature.

Bleach and Sweaters

Never use bleach on your sweaters. Wash infrequently with Woolite or a mild soap solution, and rinse in cool water.

Cashmere Sweaters

Unlike conventional Cashmere sweaters which are dry-clean only, Wool Overs cashmere and merino blends are fully machine washable on a wool cycle. Cashmere fibres will stay looking fresh if kept out of extreme heat and sunlight. Put your Cashmere sweaters in the freezer for half an hour to restore fluffiness.

Excess Moisture and Sweaters

To remove any excess moisture from your woollen sweaters, do not wring them out. Simply place the sweater in a towel, fold the towel around it, and gently push on the towel to remove the water.

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