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Hot Water Bottle and Cover


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The fabric used for the hot water bottle cover is lovely, but the horizontal split-opening is very poor design. Every time one wishes to fill the bottle, one has to Stretch the woollen fabric to get the bottle out. If just getting the empty bottle out involved such a stretch, what might placing a filled-in hot water bottle involve?

A cover with a top opening would be a much better option.

I have bought from Woolovers before, and never been disappointed with their quality, until now.
very superior quality but maybe a bit overpriced !
Good quality, and attractive product.


Get cosy this season with our stylish pure wool covered hot water bottle. This is a home essential for cold-weather snuggling. Choose from a selection of irresistible colours. Pair with its matching throw and cushion cover for ultimate style while relaxing (ref. P356 and P562).


Outer Hand Wash only, Inner Wipe Clean Only

Outer Pure wool

Rubber Hot water Bottle inside

For your safety and in order to obtain the maximum life from your Hot Water Bottle please read these instructions carefully before use

When filling this hot water bottle, do not use boiling water, allow water to cool 5 to 10 minutes, Do not overfill, a maximum of two-thirds capacity or less

Hold the bottle by the neck in an upright position and fill slowly to avoid hot water splashing back. Expel air from the bottle by lowering it carefully onto a flat surface until water appears at the opening

Screw the stopper sufficiently tight to ensure that the funnel is empty and there is no leakage

Under no circumstance should the hot water bottle be used as a cushion and be sat on

Prevent contact with hot surfaces, oil or grease

When not in use, drain completely and keep, with the stopper removed, in a cool, dry, dark place. Prevent exposure to sunlight. Do not place anything on top of the bottle during storage

Check the bottle and stopper for wear and damage prior to use


Retain these instructions for future reference.


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